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Thin Film Deposition


Metalisation and passivation



Thin Film Deposition

Metalisation and passivation

ICT has been undertaking thin film deposition services, such as metalisation of ceramics and plastics, at its Shepperton facility, for over 20 years.

Thin film deposition is used for a number of component products, including deposition of ceramic components for inkjet printers. It is also used for metalisation of plastic components, such as those used in sensors. ICT is actively involved in assisting clients with sensor design and prototyping and welcomes enquiries from anyone involved in new product design or product development projects.

Thin film deposition machine

ICT’s deposition equipment includes:

  • Triple source DC magnetron 24”sputter system
  • Single source RF magnetron 12” sputter system (SiO2)
  • OPTIMAL UCS 40MF Automatic Cleaning System
ICT has a 24” vacuum sputtering plant, fitted with three 4” DC magnetrons, which are currently used to deposit titanium, platinum or gold on to ceramic or plastic substrates. If you require any other materials, please call us or complete the enquiry form as we would be happy to assist.

ICT uses a smaller single source RF magnetron chamber (12”) for laying down a passivation layer, typically two microns of silicon dioxide (SiO2).

Micro Component Manufacturing
Thin film deposition (metalisation and passivation)

Quality Assured

ICT undertakes rigorous pull testing to record and monitor the quality of the metalisation process to ensure compliance with stringent standards, on a batch by batch basis.

Where metalisation is used for wire bonding purposes, a pull test using wire bonding is used. ICT also has a Dage pull tester.

All components go through an OPTIMAL automatic cleaning system prior to deposition.

For more information on ICT’s quality assurance and quality control procedures, go to ICT’s quality assurance.

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