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Magnetic Recording Heads


Manufacture of video and scanner magnetic heads



Magnetic Recording Heads

Advances in video equipment technology, as applied to high-speed digital data recording, has resulted in ICT establishing an advanced materials handling capability to respond to specialised customer requirements for video and scanner magnetic heads.

Manufactured to a specific industry standard or to meet specialised customer requirements, ICT’s magnetic cores are fabricated from durable polycrystalline MnZn ferrites with high saturation flux density, Bsat., and extended high frequency characteristics, This material enables ICT to supply Scanner Heads for Helical Recording technology to be applied, for example, to instrumentation data handling systems or specialised video equipment.

Track Widths down to 25um are available, in single or multiscan formats. Combined with Gap Lengths of 0.3um high data rates and tape packing densities are significant features when using ICT products.

For higher coercivity applications (typically 1500 Oe.) ICT has advanced Metal-in-Gap (MIG) technology available to enhance system switching rate capabilities.

Magnetic recording heads

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