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Inkjet Printhead Components


Charge electrodes, phase detectors and nozzle plates



Inkjet Printhead Components

Charge electrodes, phase detectors and nozzle plates

ICT manufactures a variety of precision components, including charge electrodes, phase detectors and nozzle plates, used within industrial inkjet printers and commercial continuous inkjet printers. These printers, with a resolution of up to 300 dpi, are used throughout the world to print both text and graphics on a wide range of media such as magazines, plastic cards and packaging.

Inkjet printhead components being manufactured
The printhead components we manufacture are among the most complex parts of a printer. Their manufacture involves a range of specialists processes that are core skills of ICT.

The processes involved in manufacturing these items includes the following:

It is ICT’s experience and expertise in these processes that makes us so well-qualified to supply printhead components to the world’s leading continuous inkjet printer manufacturers.

Examples of Inkjet Printhead Components

Charge electrodes

Charge Electrodes

Used to impart a tiny electrical charge to each ink droplet.

Phase detectors & live blocks

Phase Detectors & Live Blocks

Used to detect when an ink droplet has recived an electrical charge

Inkjet nozzle plates

Inkjet Nozzle Plates

Once drilled with up to 256 micro holes, it creates an array of more than 19 million droplets of ink per second.

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